Gel.... a short word with long meaning

In general, it has been a traditional art to provide a cushion, which achieves comfort by eliminating peak pressure areas and by evenly distributing the cushioning force over a broad surface area. Some of these attempts include foam cushions, fluid cushions, spring mattress and others. Now its Gel.

Unlike other Gels, our Gel will never flow or leak when punctured as it is not a liquid encased in some outer coverage. It is the softest solid available on earth.

Our Gel is similar to human flesh in its consistency, touch and reaction to pressure. One of its great quality is that it conforms exactly to the body shape when used hence achieving a high degree of equal weight distribution and having good shock absorbing property. The Gel's ability to flow ensures effective distribution of pressure. Our Gel can be more than 1500% expandable and offers a correspondingly high level of comfort. Even after prolonged exposure to high pressure, Gel returns to its original shape with virtually no changes. Another important factor is the good skin compatibility, especially when used in the event of direct skin contact. As a result of its visco-elastic nature and closed cell molecular structure, our Gel offers an attractive property profile:
  • extremely soft on touch and highly flexible under pressure,
  • excellent pressure distribution eliminates pressure points which causes discomfort,
  • will not freeze, melt, harden or crack in normal conditions,
  • non-toxic and safe to use externally,
  • never absorbs any odor or liquid,
  • no permanent deformation even after bearing thousands of full crushing cycle,
  • contains mineral oil which always soothes skin on direct contact.

Prevention of Pressure Sores

In recent years research has concluded that the operating room table is one of the major causes of pressure sores in surgical area.

Bedsores, technically known as decubitus ulcers, are areas of the body where the skin, and sometimes the deeper tissue is damaged by compression caused by the weight of the body pressing on a place of contact between a prominent point on the body and the surface on which it is resting. Bedsores can advance rapidly and may become very large. The ulceration may progress to complete. Aside from causing serious discomfort to the sufferer and distress to the care taker, the cost of treatment can be debilitating to the healthcare industry.

The areas of body which are most susceptible to pressure sores and nerve damage are head, elbow, shoulder, sacrum, hip, buttocks, knee and heel. The extensive use of our Gel Positioning Accessories offers a protective solution for patients in almost all surgical procedures.

Taking Care of Products

  • Keep off sharp/pointed implements and do not stretch, although in event of cut or puncture nothing will flow out as our gel is not a liquid encased in outer film. It is a cured and softest solid gel copolymer as a whole.
  • Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight ,
  • All products can be easily cleaned using standard or environment detergents and also with common available clinical disinfectants like (Providone-Iodine Solution IP 5% w/v), (Isopropyl Alcohol IP 70% v/v), (Choloroxylenol IP 4.8% v/v, Terpineol 9% v/v, Alcohol Absolute (Denatured) 13.1% v/v) and (Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution IP 1.5% v/v, Cetrimide IP 3% w/v),
  • The products are not suitable for use in conjunction with an autoclave.
  • The products can be cooled to -20º C without any adverse effects. The products can also be heated to a maximum of 50º C if required and can be safely used in conjunction with heated blankets.
  • Puff some standard hospital talcum powder before use.